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    • Court Accepted 12 Hours "Hot Check" Course
    • 100% Online
    • Fast, Easy
    • Free Certificate
    • Instant Certificate
    • 24/7 -- Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop

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  • Petty Theft Class
  • Petit Theft Class
  • Adult Theft Class
  • Anti-shoplifting Class
  • Anti-theft Class
  • Consumer Awareness Class
  • Impulse Control
  • Impulse Control Class for Theft
  • Juvenile Theft Class
  • Petit Theft Class
  • Petty Theft Class
  • Retail Theft Class
  • Shoplifting Awareness Class
  • Shoplifting Class
  • Shoplifting Education Class
  • Shoplifting Prevention Class
  • Shoplifting and Theft Awareness Class
  • Stealing Awareness Class
  • Theft Abatement Course
  • Theft Awareness Program (TAP)
  • Theft Class
  • Theft Education Class
  • Theft Prevention Class

National Theft  School Online
National Theft School Online

National Theft School, a division of Education Online School, is the nation's leader in quality online education intended to address personal issues and bring lasting change.  We are licensed by NAMA, NADAI, NAADAC, APPA and NLFA.  Our specialists include Certified Domestic Violence Specialists (CDVS-1), Certified Parenting Instructors, Certified Peer Recovery Specialists, and Certified Interventionists.  

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